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Submit your sweepstake online with WinASweepstakes for free and help promote your giveaway.

If the value of the prize is big, I will also consider it. $500 or more.

wait for approval
Please note that you must be logged in and Approved as a Publisher to submit contests. Registering isn’t enough. You have to wait until I approve it. You should get a confirmation email saying that you have successfully registered.

These are 2 contests I won’t publish so don’t waste your time filling out the form:

  1. The prize is a gun, ammunition, or some weapon.
  2. The sponsor is a provider of guns, ammunition, or weapons.

The overall main intention of my site is promote contests for businesses in the US and Canada. Because that’s my geographic target and what I want visitors to know what WinASweepstakes is for. I may accept other countries (mainly the UK and Australia) as long as the prize awarded is available to Canadians and / or Americans.

I have a FAQ below the form if you have more questions. I also maintain a list of brands and companies I don’t publish.

You need to first.


How do I apply to be a Publisher?

Submit your application here:

It will take usually 1 to 2 days before getting approved, assuming I do approve your application.

How long will it take to approve my contest?

Generally, I will look at contests within 24 hours, but, it could be 2 days.
Not all contests will be approved. It could be rejected for a number of reasons.

Will I get an email if my contest is approved?

Yes. Email will be from: [email protected]

What will cause my contest to be rejected?

1. If the contest doesn’t have any rules
2. If the contest doesn’t show any contact information (on the site or in the rules)
3. If the contest looks spammy or seems illegal

What if I have issues submitting the form because there aren’t the right options to select?

Just get it to submit and let me know what the issue is. I can fix it afterwards. I’ve added a contact form immediately after you submit.

What are some contests you won’t publish?

1. If the prize is a gun or ammunition
2. If the prize has to do with hunting animals
3. I may or may not publish contests that originate from outside of Canada or the United States.
4. You have no contact information in the contest. Many Gleam contests seem to be like this. See an example below. This makes me think it’s just a way to collect emails.

Example of a Contest I Will Not Approve

Notice there is no contact information, even a name of the business. I didn’t take a screenshot of the front because I don’t want to identify the contest, but, the front end only asks for an email. It doesn’t have any indication of the business running this.

Maybe if the contest was listed on a website, I wouldn’t mind, but, it was just a link to the Gleam app.

These rules makes me think you’re just using Gleam / contest to collect emails for spamming.

And if you make up some name I can’t find in a search, I also won’t publish it.

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