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WinAsweepstakes is back!
Hi, my name is Cedric and for those of you who published your contests here previously, Welcome Back!

If you’re new, Welcome!

I have been on hiatus as I worked through revamping this site entirely from the ground up.

It will be the site to go to for publishing your contests! It’ll be my job to make sure your contests get visitors. And I’m working hard to bring them back.

I’m also trying a new model with this site. You don’t have to pay for Featured contests, promoting it to social media, or having your contest in my newsletter. I will Feature contests and promote them on social media at my discretion. I will send a newsletter occasionally to sweepers.

Why Register?


Develop Your Brand

By registering as a Publisher and filling out your profile well (particularly having a logo), you can develop a brand with users on this site.

Post Deals & Coupons

Registering also allows you to post to Deals & Coupons, a new section that will be available on the site shortly.

Earn Points

Points can earn you guaranteed Featured post on the website, social media posting, newsletter, free use of software tools, or even free FB / Instagram advertising.

Publisher registration is for users who want to regularly publish contests.

A publisher does not have to be the owner of the contest, although, often they are.

I’m also implementing this so that I don’t get junk contests, or at least it will greatly reduce the amount of junk contests because you have to be registered and approved manually by me before you can submit contests.

The registration is just one time, but, submitted contests must still be approved before being published.



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Note that Registration will be revoked if I determine you post spammy contests.

I don’t publish contests for gun stores or where the award is a gun or ammunition.

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