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Registration is currently closed. I only operate my Twitter account.

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By registering as a Publisher and filling out your profile well (particularly having a logo), you can develop a brand with users on this site.

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Registering also allows you to post to Deals & Coupons, a new section that will be available on the site shortly.

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Points can earn you guaranteed Featured post on the website, social media posting, newsletter, free use of software tools, or even free FB / Instagram advertising.

Our Site is Focused on Cryptos (including crypto-related gaming), NFTs, and Metaverse only



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Usually within 24 hours. But, it could be 2 business days (weekdays).

Do I have to run the contest to submit it?

No. You can submit contests that are not yours. In fact, you will earn points for doing so and I am looking for users who want to post and share contests on my site. I keep track of your posts with points and I selectively provide high point earners guaranteed posting, free FB / Instagram advertising, and marketing tools and software.

Is registration one time only?

Yes. You also have to confirm your email. Please look for it after signing up.
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