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WinAsweepstakes is back!
Hi, my name is Cedric and for those of you who published your contests here previously, Welcome Back!

If you’re new, Welcome!

I have been on hiatus and I finally worked through revamping this site entirely from the ground up.

It will be the site to go to for publishing your contests! It’ll be my job to make sure your contests get visitors. And I’m working hard to bring them back.

Please Note:
2022-01-03 – After about 6 months of re-starting, I haven’t been approving contests on my site for the last month or so and it’s because I’ve decided I want to niche down on crypto (including crypto-related gaming) nfts, and metaverse contests only.

After you submit your Publisher Registration, do not try to submit a contest otherwise you will waste your time. I don’t want to waste anyone’s time. Wait for an approval email before submitting a contest.

It might take a day or two to get approved. This approval is done manually by me.

And if you really want to get registered, please send me an email also if you’re using some spammy looking email. and/or you don’t have a business store name. Because I look at the email and decide on the spot. If it looks weird to me, I don’t bother accepting it.

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Develop Your Brand

By registering as a Publisher and filling out your profile well (particularly having a logo), you can develop a brand with users on this site.

Post Deals & Coupons

Registering also allows you to post to Deals & Coupons, a new section that will be available on the site shortly.

Earn Points

Points can earn you guaranteed Featured post on the website, social media posting, newsletter, free use of software tools, or even free FB / Instagram advertising.

Our Site is Focused on Cryptos (including crypto-related gaming), NFTs, and Metaverse only



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How long does it take to get approved?

Usually within 24 hours. But, it could be 2 business days (weekdays).

Do I have to run the contest to submit it?

No. You can submit contests that are not yours. In fact, you will earn points for doing so and I am looking for users who want to post and share contests on my site. I keep track of your posts with points and I selectively provide high point earners guaranteed posting, free FB / Instagram advertising, and marketing tools and software.

Is registration one time only?

Yes. You also have to confirm your email. Please look for it after signing up.
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